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Nutrition for Autism Spectrum Disorder
Individuals with Special Needs



Integrative Nutrition

Meet Dr. Rachel Knowles

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, 

Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist &

Certified Nutrition Specialist

Rachel Knowles is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition who specializes in functional nutrition, lab assessment, nutrigenomics, and clinical herbs for autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and common co-occurring conditions.  She believes in investigating the root causes of illness to support optimal health and well-being.  Rachel takes an integrative approach in all of her patients' care to address the whole person rather than individual body systems.  She incorporates nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics, and individual biochemistry into each of her nutrition recommendations.  


She believes that nutrition from a functional, integrative, and evidence-based perspective can significantly improve the lives of all individuals by cultivating overall wellness and preventing nutrition driven diseases.  


Rachel specializes in a variety of health conditions and disease states across the life span.  Additionally, as an autistic person, she offers a unique perspective on nutrition for individuals on the spectrum.  She recognizes the risks of nutritional deficiencies in autistic individuals and the importance of addressing common co-occurring conditions. 


What I Specialize In

Digestive Health

Establish Eating Habits

Reducing Environmental Toxins

Nutrition for Disease Prevention

Personalized Nutrition Plans


"Rachel is an amazing nutritionist and such a nice person! She helped me switch over to a plant based diet and I feel absolutely amazing! She has helped me revise my diet and get on supplements that have drastically helped my ADHD, anxiety and just my overall mental and physical health. She is extremely smart and well educated. I feel better than ever and have more energy than I have in years!"

- A.T.

“Rachel helped facilitate my diagnostic assessment for ADHD and Bipolar I.  She has provided excellent education on how the body systems work in harmony.  I have learned how to eat for my body so that I can feel physically and mentally my best.”

- P.E.

“Rachel has been great with helping not only me, but my entire family as well.  We have had a few health issues that we've worried about for years, so we sent our lab results over to Rachel to review from a functional perspective.  After starting the supplemental recommendations and dietary adjustments she recommended we have all seen such a difference and finally felt 'heard' for once.”

- B.N.

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